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Brev ifrån Dr. Khaled Almilaji:

Can you imagine giving birth underground?

This is the reality for many women in Syria. And while it is something no one should have to endure, giving birth underground in caves and basements is saving the lives of women and their newborn babies.

I have seen this first hand. I am a Syrian doctor, and have witnessed the full range of horrors medics and our patients must endure. Hospitals are systematically attacked from the sky by the Assad regime and Russia. The only thing that has been able to protect our medical staff and patients is going underground - moving our hospitals into caves and fortified basements.

I am working to launch the Avicenna Women and Children’s Hospital in Idlib and I need your help in the next two weeks to raise the final $100,000.

Our hospital will be the largest underground hospital in the province and will offer a full range of health services, including advanced surgeries and maternal health programs. We are creating a training program to provide surgeons and other medical staff with the skills to perform emergency c-sections, to meet this growing need and best serve the women in our community.

But the work is not yet complete. Before we open the doors of the hospital, we need to raise a final $100,000 to finish fortifying it to protect our patients and staff. Please give what you can, this is the most direct way you can save lives in Syria today.


Dr. Khaled Almilaji

Chair, Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization (SIMRO)

Kat Fallon from The Syria Campaign here. Funding for underground and fortified hospitals is the number one demand of doctors and nurses across Syria. Major donor governments like the US, UK, and others, do not currently fund the fortification of hospitals because of bureaucratic regulations around emergency and long-term funding. We recently released a report with 13 leading Syrian medical organizations called Saving Lives Underground: The Case for Fortified Hospitals in Syria pushing these governments to do more. I’ll keep you updated on that progress, but in the meantime let’s support Khaled to finish crowdfunding for this lifesaving hospital. Please donate what you can.

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