Flotilla III<3

Nej nej nej!!! Det som iunte fick hända har hänt. De frihets kämpande människorna ombord på Flotilla III har blivit arresterade utav Israels polis. Deras syfte med att frakta förnödigheter åt Palestinerna via vattnet var inte i syfte att vecka ilska eller hat. deras syfte var att få ta ett nytt steg att återge Palestinerna deras rätt till mänskliga rättigheter. Har följt hela deras resa under denna vecka, så detta krossar mitt hjärta helt. Hur kan den Israeliska regeringen
vara så kall mot Palestinierna? Hur kan de tro sig vara Gud och ha rätt att bestämma över andra människors liv och vad de ska ha tillgång till? Hur i helvete ska man kunna känna förståelse och harmoni till israel när de gör allt de kan för förgöra, trortera och förudmjuka Palestinerna gång på gång? Detta är inte första gången de går till angrepp mot en utav Flotilla III´s båtar. De har hänt massvis utav gånger genom årens lopp. Detta måste få ett stopp. Ni kan vara med och göra er hörda om vad ni tycker angående de fängslade Flotilla III arbetarna. Är det värkligen att agera pirat, när man kommer med en båt med medicin, kläder och leksaker? I sådanna fall säger jag:
Va med och agera nu, ingen vet vilket öde som väntar de fängslade. De kan bli kvar där i månader, år eller till och med livet ut.
Frihet åt Palestina, kärlek till frihetskämparna och tack för att ni tog er tid att läsa!!!

The Syrian Champange Up.Dat!!!

Vad gör arbetarna i The Syrian Champange och hur skulle deras jobb bli utan all bomber som släpps runt om i Syrien?

On Friday I sat crying through an open session of the UN Security Council listening to Raed Saleh, Head of the White Helmets, speak truth to power as he called on the Council to take action to stop the barrel bombs. 

Please read his powerful speech and forward it to your friends, encouraging them to join the White Helmets’ call for a no-fly zone in Syria: www.whitehelmets.org

- Anna

"I am not a politician, nor am I a diplomat. I am just a search and rescue worker. Therefore, I beg your forgiveness if I sound candid -- the tragedy of my people demands it.

First, I would like to invite you to watch this short video as it provides a glimpse of the work we carry out in the aftermath of barrel bomb attacks and what this work means to us.

Video: www.whitehelmets.org

What you have seen is just one example of a single rescue operation that succeeded in saving a child. We have been able to save more than sixteen thousand lives in Syria from under the rubble, but unfortunately the number of civilians killed in indiscriminate bombing is much higher.

I cannot describe to you what our daily life is like as we deal with the human remains and the destruction that these weapons leave behind, especially after the Syrian army filled those weapons with poisonous chlorine gas that this very council had classified as a chemical weapon and had banned!

Syrians are killed everyday with various kinds of weapons, but the deadliest ones are the barrel bombs because of their indiscriminate nature. They destroy everything including schools, bakeries, hospitals, houses of worship and even cemeteries. Because of them the sounds of helicopters hovering in the Syrian sky are enough to cause terror and panic among civilians. That sound means anticipating death without anyone knowing where the barrel bomb will fall exactly and whom it will kill!

The moment sirens go off, we rush to the site of the barrel bomb attack and we try, with our very modest equipment, to search for survivors still under the rubble. More often than not, all we manage to dig out are the dead bodies and severed limbs of our neighbours, friends and sometimes relatives.

The terror we face is two-fold because the Syrian Air Force has adopted a new technique when carrying out their attacks. It’s called a double tap; the aircraft returns to the site of the attack minutes after the rescue teams arrive and people start to gather to rescue those who are still alive.

Due to our persistence and determination to carry out our humanitarian work despite the difficult circumstances, regime warplanes now regularly and deliberately target our teams and centers. We have lost 92 members of our search and rescue teams so far. Many of those we lost were killed in barrel bomb double taps while carrying out their duty.

In all the countries around the world, search and rescue teams are immune from bombing under the Geneva conventions, yet this is not the case in Syria. Just a few hours ago, my colleagues told me that the only two ambulances available in the village of Balyoon in the Idlib countryside were destroyed in an aerial raid and that six civil defence volunteers were wounded.

Last month, my colleague, the head of the Civil Defense in Ma’aret Al-Artiq, in Aleppo suburbs, requested that we camouflage ambulances and fire engines by painting them with different colors because their original color makes them easy targets of the deliberate bombing! Can you imagine that?

Can you even imagine one single day of our lives?

Let me take you with me to the first day of June.  On that day, we responded to 44 barrel bomb attacks across Syria—in Aleppo, Idlib, Daraa, Homs, and Rural Damascus—as well as seven rocket attacks and a chlorine gas attack. 136 people were killed, including a child, and all but 6 of the victims were civilians.

Even in wartime conduct, there is no justification for the use of this weapon since even the pilot himself who’s dropping the barrel bomb does not know exactly where it will fall as it is a truly indiscriminate weapon that cannot even be used on the front line as it can kill allied forces by mistake—which is why it is only ever dropped deep inside opposition-held areas.

The main purpose of this weapon is the collective punishment of the communities that live in areas outside regime control. The regime wants to make their lives a living hell to convey the false message that they cannot live except under the rule of the Assad family.

This is, of course, one of the main reasons that millions of Syrians have been displaced to neighboring countries, and it’s a real obstacle to the establishment of effective institutions that can govern on the ground.  

There is no doubt whatsoever that the unrelenting indiscriminate killing of Syrians with these barrel bombs and other lethal weapons, the obstacles preventing Syrians from establishing civilian administrative institutions in liberated areas, and the absence of a political solution on the horizon are all fueling the spread of extremism.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you expect a simple Syrian citizen like me to ask from this council? Do we ask for more ambulances that the Syrian Regime will soon destroy anyway? Do we ask for more digging tools to recover bodies and limbs and bury them? Or do we ask for new resolutions condemning these acts to be added to the previous list of resolutions that you’ve signed, while some of you are still supporting the Syrian Regime politically, materially and militarily, including with spare parts for the aircraft used to drop these barrel bombs and kill more Syrians?  

The international community has lost its credibility for Syrians in the absence of any political will to end the killing in Syria, and the UN Security Council has been transformed  from the Security to the Insecurity Council in the eyes of the downtrodden because it has failed to uphold its own resolutions.

The Syrian people who are being killed every day, Ladies and Gentlemen, hold you responsible and demand that all measures available to end the killing, particularly with indiscriminate weapons, be taken immediately.

As a patriotic Syrian, I never imagined I would one day ask for a foreign intervention in my country, by land or air.  But the lives of innocent women and children that we see dying in our hands every day compel us to ask for any intervention possible to stop the barbaric killing machine led by Bashar al-Assad, including preventing Syrian aircraft from flying, and especially preventing helicopters from hovering above us and dropping these bombs.

Before the strongest power on this planet, all I can do is ask that you awaken your conscience and tell me what you are going to do to stop these barrel bombs.

In all honesty, I hesitated a lot before coming here. Many of my colleagues asked me: why are you going? What do you expect from them?

My wish is that you provide me with an answer to take home with me.

Thank you."

Raed Al Saleh Head of the Syrian Civil Defense

Full text is here if you want to share it: diary.thesyriacampaign.org/as-a-patriotic-syrian-i-never-imagined-i-would-do-this


The Syria Campaign is building an open, global movement working for a peaceful future for Syria. We are people from all over the world who are coming together to tackle what the UN has described as “the greatest humanitarian tragedy of our time".


Avazz Up.Dat!!!

Var med och förhindra mas slakt utav valen på Island!!!
Dear friends,

Iceland is about to open whaling season and murder 150 majestic, endangered fin whales, while 1700 tons of meat from last year’s kill sits on a boat, waiting to go to Japan. But we’ve helped stop shipments before, and we can do it again! 

The ship has just a small window of time to get the meat through the icy northern passage to Japan – and if tiny Caribbean nation St. Kitts and Nevis withdraws the ship’s registration, the delay could be enough to stop it. If St. Kitts acts, the boat is stuck, and Iceland is faced with the scandal of dealing with 1700 tons of rotting whale meat while they launch this year’s slaughter. 
So when 1 million sign, we’ll call on the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and tell him he has 24 hours to act, or we’ll run a massive ad campaign in the US – his biggest tourist market – showing how St. Kitts is making this massacre possible.  Sign urgently and share widely, there’s just days before the ship leaves:                                        


Iceland’s whaling industry is run by one egomaniac tycoon, Kristjan Loftsson, and the government has let him do it. But with diplomacy against whaling ramping up – including President Obama speaking out -- Iceland’s government is feeling the heat, and one huge scandal could cause them to call off the hunt. 

Whalers like Loftsson have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of fin whales, going back decades. Major international bodies have been fighting to stop the whale hunt, and the population has significantly increased as a result. But Japan’s whalers just announced they plan to slaughter whales again this year in the Southern Ocean, and Loftsson continues his one-man wrecking crew in the Atlantic. 
Many countries have removed their flag from ships in response to public pressure over other environmental concerns, so we know this can work for the whales. And since St. Kitts also votes in favour of Japan’s whaling at international meetings, taking them out of the equation now means a deadly blow to both Icelandic and Japanese whaling at the same time! This could be the turning point for whales – sign now and tell St. Kitts to remove its flag:                    
After our million strong petition in 2013, the Dutch government took action and stopped Iceland’s whale meat shipments passing through the Netherlands to Japan. And together with Greenpeace, our community managed to get fin whale meat sent back to Iceland from Germany. After this happened - major shipping companies announced they would never ship whale meat again. We’re making it harder and harder for this industry to show a reason it exists. Stopping this shipment could be a huge blow.

With hope,  Danny, Lisa, Alice, Andrew, and the rest of the Avaaz team

Iceland sends shipment of 1,700 tonnes of whale meat to Japan (The Guardian)

Desperate whalers go north (Greenpeace)

The Winter Bay (Vessel Fider - shows where the ship carrying the whale meat is and which country is registering it)

Japan to resume whaling hunt despite IWC warning (AFP)
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