Idlib nu!!!

Det var många som vaknade till och gav sitt stöd åt #Aleppo innan och under julen. Tyvärr slutade det inge bra och östera Aleppo finns inte kvar nu. Just nu så råkar staden #Idlib och städerna runt om ut för exakt samma sak. Bomberna regnar ned och folket där sitter fast. De behöver erat stöd och eran röst. Ta kontakt med myndigheter och politiker jorden runt och säg ifrån om detta avskyvärda våld och dödande. Denna utrotning har hållit på sefan 2011 och måste få ett slut innan hela Syrien har försvunnit från kartan. 

Mer om Planet Syria!!!

Lägget i Syrien är fortfarande kritist. Många jobbar för en ljusare fram tid. PlanetSyria är en grupp som konstant jobbar för fred inom landet. Här kommer lite mer om dem:
Way PlanetSyria?
Firstly, because we are treated as if we are from a different planet. We feel that we are asking for the same rights that everyone everywhere should have. We feel solidarity with those struggling for rights around the world, but our demands for freedom and democracy are treated by many as if they are completely alien and unrecognisable.
Secondly, because what started as our peaceful revolution has been turned by the Assad regime into the world’s war with more than 80 countries involved in the violence. It is now a proxy conflict between regional and international actors fuelling the fighting on all sides.
Finally, because to stop the violence and extremism we need truly global solidarity, where progressive activists around the world listen to what their Syrian counterparts are saying and stand in solidarity with us. We need that solidarity to help our voices and demands reach decision makers and those who currently have power over our lives.
Wath we want:

There are extreme human rights violations in Syria today. More than 220,000 people have been killed, 10 million people - half the country - have been forced from their homes, hundreds of thousands of political prisoners have been detained and 640,000 are living under brutal sieges without regular access to food, water or medicines.

We want to campaign to stop all of that, but today we are asking for global solidarity to help achieve two things: (1) an end to the Assad regime’s barrel bombs and air strikes, and (2) negotiations between all Syrian groups and their international backers. (read full statement below).


Stop the bombs

Extremism breeds from injustice - the biggest killer of civilians in Syria today is the 'barrel bomb'. These are often old oil barrels filled with explosive and scrap metal and rolled out of government helicopters and planes miles up in the air onto hospitals, schools and homes.

The UN Security Council unanimously banned them a year ago. Nothing has changed since then - nearly 2,000 children have been killed since UN Resolution 2139 was signed on February 22, 2014.

Many of us were against foreign military intervention in Syria. But in September 2014 the US-led coalition started bombing Isis in our country. Now there is a deep hypocrisy to letting the Assad regime fly in the same airspace and kill civilians. Many more than are killed by Isis.

The international community must follow through on its demands and stop the regime’s barrel bombs and air attacks - even if that means with a 'no fly zone'.


Real Peace Talks

There is no military solution to the conflict in Syria.

We need real peace talks to include all Syrian parties with the strong support of the international community.

No one side can unite Syria. It will require compromises from everyone involved and new leaders to build the future. Slowly, with the support of our real allies, we hope to reconnect with the tolerance and coexistence we have known for millennia and build a Syria better than before.


Wath cane you do?

We love Syria and we want to tell you about it. We want to build links with people all around the world who feel our common humanity and want to defend it.

We need global solidarity because governments around the world are failing us and the only way to fix that is for citizens of those countries to speak out. That solidarity starts with individuals like you.

We need to take our collective voice to those in power around the world who have the ability to stop the bombs and back peace talks. But we need to be bigger, louder, stronger.


Here's what you can do right now:

Sign the statement in solidarity, you will be kept updated about the Campaign

Speak to any group or organisation you're a part of and convince them to join too. Groups can sign here.

Invite everyone you know and love to do steps 1-2.

För mer information besök:

Planet Syria up.dat!!!

I am from Homs, where I was detained and beaten for transporting humanitarian aid. My nose and cheek were broken and it took a long time to heal, but still, I have carried on.

Last week, I organised a campaign with civil society activists inside Syria to create signs from across the country calling for people around the world to take action to stop the bombs.

In Ghouta the women I work with struggled to find cardboard and markers for their signs. They are under starvation siege, where food and other supplies are hard to come by, let alone markers. Anyway they did find some in the end, but they had to take down some posters they had up in the bomb shelter, turn them around and re-use them. This is what they wrote:

These women in Erbeen took their photo in an underground shelter. They face bombs from the government which are relentless and indiscriminate. As a result of the siege, they apologised to me for their looks. I didn’t know what to tell them. I feel guilty.

When I speak to the activists inside, they are often caught in the battles of the regime and armed groups, and often facing bombardment. One activist asks me from his office “There are so many warplanes. What do you think, should I go home?”. “You’re still there? Go, go now!” I tell him. They’re all so dedicated to their work and I am proud of them.

These are the brave activists who make up Planet Syria. Support them by sending a message to your political representative to stop to the bombs and support negotiations to end the violence:

The activists inside have been through a lot. Let's give them some hope.

Thank you,


*Sally is a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the writer.


Planet Syria is a campaign by non-violent activists in Syria to engage people around the world in solidarity to stop the violence and extremism. The intitial campaign call has been signed by 85 Syrian groups representing 17,000 people. For more information visit the website or Facebook page.

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